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Water quality

Waterworld is committed to ensuring the safest environment for our customers and staff.


The Safeswim website is computer modelling backed by periodical water testing. This testing is not daily.


In certain locations, Waterworld Ltd will have an independent Laboratory conduct daily water tests to ensure the operating area is safe. ​Last summer while all Auckland beaches were Black on Safeswim, at times the only beach showing green where Waterworld was operating. This was due to the comprehensive independent testing we did.


Therefore, at certain times of the year, you may see Waterworld operating when the Safeswim website shows red. You can be certain that Waterworld has taken adequate measures to ensure this water is safe.

Because of our comprehensive safety systems, the following booking rules apply.


As Red is a predicted result only, we are permitted to operate and will be open during these times. We understand that based on the information provided by Safeswim you may not wish to attend, which we completely understand. If you have a booking with us which falls within the predicted Red zone times, you will be notified via email with information on how to contact us to reschedule to another date/time/location or have a refund. 

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