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Welcome to our awesome Waterworld Team. 

On this page you will find relevant information to do your job correctly. 

If you don't know, please ask

Our customers and your safety is paramount, don't let the team down.

Have a great summer

Kel 0273080119

Welcome to the Waterworld staff page

Watch the videos below. We expect you to be able to tie these knots

Our expectations from you.

Alcohol & drugs

If you are going to consume either, do so outside your working hours.  You need to turn up to work not managing the after-effects of these.


Smile, you are on camera. We have security cameras on the waterpark and compound for security. 


We all have them, you all live on them however they stay in your bags. Not on any tables and not in the publics view. You can use your phones when on a break.

Company Property

This stays at place of work.  If you lose or damage any of our property tell your Manager on the day ASAP.

Compound and gazebo tidiness 

It's not your bedroom, its a workplace and visible to the public. The compound and gazebo is to be kept immaculate at all times


We do lots of this, and we want to hear from you.


You get to play for free, your friends and family unfortunately do not. 


If you do not do what is expected, we will be talking with you about it.  Refer to your Employment Contract.

Doing your job

If you are having problems doing what you are meant to, talk to us!

Dress Code

Dress appropriately in the provided shirts/uniform, keep clean and look tidy. You must always wear the provided Waterworld tops. Bring either black shorts, tights or wetsuit. No bikini bottoms or coloured boardshorts are permitted


We will regularly chat about how you are doing in your role and welcome your feedback about us too!


Refer to ‘Honesty’ and if you are not, then refer to ‘Discipline”.

Health & Safety

Take care of yourself, and others around you and your customers always; tell someone if you see something you are not ok with.  Stay safe!

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