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Tide Information...

Don't forget, you must be able to swim to participate.


We operate at Beaches that are tidal, at lower tides some obstacles may be closed. We recommend older and more confident kids visit 2 hours either side of high tide.

For younger and less confident swimmers we recommend low tides.

Minimum age is 5yrs. all 5-9 years olds must be supervised by a paying and accompanied adult 1 adult for 2 kids

Checking the tides for your date and location

Head over to NIWA's tide forecaster  


Enter the location in the search box

hit the SEARCH button


select from the locations shown

tide step 1.jpg

Enter the date you would like to attend or the first date we are in your area

Enter the number of days you would like see the tide information for

hit Go

You will now see a list of dates and tides

the higher the number the higher the tide, the lower the number the lower the tide


Dec 17, 22 2.10am is the HIGH tide

Dec 17, 22 8.14am is the LOW tide

Dec 17, 22 2.34pm is the HIGH tide

Dec 17, 22 8.56pm is the LOW tide

tide step 3.jpg


We supply Hutchwilco (NZ Made) lifejackets for everyone to wear. These must be worn at all times.  

Please do not bring your own lifejackets.

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